About the James Jackson 1775-1811 Project

With this website I hope to share as much information as possible about the James Jackson line of Jackson’s. And, to make connections with other descendants.

I would be remiss if I did not give credit and thanks to Taryn DiTomasso and Karl Miller for their contributions and everlasting hard work. Taryn has been given the distinction as an honorary Jackson while Karl is a descendant of James Jackson.

I began researching my family history in approximately 2010. I started with virtually no information since my father passed away in 1968 when I was four years old. My grandfather passed away in 1985 when I was going through a difficult period in my life so I lost my opportunity to ask him questions…which I greatly regret.

James Gambell and Stephen Yim who are also descendants of James Jackson offered to pay for my DNA to be tested with the intention to find out if our line was related to the Hempstead Jacksons and the results show that we are not.

Currently the research hits a “brick wall” at James Jackson (1775-1811). There is some evidence that his father’s name is William Jackson but this has not been confirmed. FamilySearch.org lists a Thomas Jackson (1744-) as the father of James Jackson (1775-1811).

This project will continue to seek new information as well as corrections and will update this website accordingly. Always feel free to offer corrections, new information, and suggestions!

Mark Jackson

Have a comment or a question, contact Mark Jackson at: mark.jackson@caldwelljournal.com