Benjamin Jackson 1803-1897

Birth: November 30, 1803 in Schoharie, NY

Death: February 7, 1897 in Medina, Orleans, NY

Burial Place: Boxwood Cemetery Medina, Orleans County, New York

Occupation: Farmer


Father: James Jackson: Birth: May 6, 1775 in London, England. Death: September 14, 1811 in Navarino, Onondaga, NY

Mother: Ruth Ellison: Birth: circa 1780 in Mohawk Valley region, NY. Death: February 26, 1862 in Orleans, NY


1st Marriage:

Married: Wealthy Ann Terry on 1823.
Wealthy Ann Terry: Birth: March 28, 1808 in Onondaga, NY. Death: June 21, 1842 in , Orleans, NY

2nd Marriage:

Married: Clarissa McCormick.
Clarissa McCormick: Birth: August 12, 1825 in Genesee, NY. Death: April 20, 1908 in Medina, Orleans, NY


1. Wealthy Ann Jackson: Birth: February 4, 1844 in , Orleans, NY. Death: January 7, 1923 in Medina, Orleans, NY

2. Harriet E. Jackson: Birth: March 10, 1847 in Orleans, NY.

3. Anna M. Jackson: Birth: March 8, 1850 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY.

4. Amos F. Jackson: Birth: January 1, 1853 in Orleans, NY. Death: September 7, 1873

5. Marcus Jackson: Birth: June 4, 1857 in Orleans, NY. Death: October 6, 1857

6. Martha J. Jackson: Birth: June 4, 1858 in Orleans, NY. Death: May 6, 1922

7. Ida May Jackson: Birth: September 1, 1859 in Orleans, NY. Death: November 21, 1937 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

8. Amanda F. Jackson: Birth: June 6, 1862 in Orleans, NY. Death: July 24, 1889

9. Clara (Clarissa) Jackson: Birth: September 25, 1867 in NY.


Burial: Boxwood Cemetery, Ridgeway, Orleans, NY Obituary of brother, John Jackson.

Census: 1850 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 47 farmer, dwelling 558
Census: 1855 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 51, farmer, born Albany Co, NY
Census: 1865 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 61 farmer, born Schoharie Co, NY
Census: 1880 Medina, Orleans, NY age 76 retired farmer

Benjamin and wife, Wealthy, moved from Onondaga County to Orleans County in 1825 where brother James had located in the township of Ridgeway (in 1823). Benjamin cleared 100 acres, purchased from the Holland Land Company. The couple remained on the farm until 1842 when Wealthy died. Benjamin and Wealthy had no children.

Benjamin remarried Clarissa McCormick and purchased land in the village of Medina to the south of Ridgeway where he lived the remainder of his life.

Death Certificate, State of New York – Bureau of Vital Statistics # 07154
Death July 17, 1897; age 93 of old age

Birth, Duanesburg, NY
55 years at Medina, Orleans, NY
Burial: Boxwood Cemetery
Father, James Jackson of London, England
Mother Ruth Jackson

1. Jackson Family History compiled by James Ceylon Jackson, contributed by Jodell McVey

2. Stephen B. Yim

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