Dr. Arthur H. Jackson, Sr. 1874-1959

Birth: August 1874 in Middlesex, Yates County, NY

Death: 1959 at Schuyler Hospital, Montour Falls, Schuyler County, NY

Burial Place: Rushville Village Cemetery Village of Rushville, Gorham, Ontario County, New York

Occupation: Doctor and Educator


Father: Orange L. Jackson: Birth: December 1831 in Orleans, NY. Death: before 1920 in NY

Mother: Nancy E. Husted: Birth: February 1836 in NY.


Married: Ethel May Henry circa 1903.
Ethel May Henry: Birth: 1883 in NY. Death: 1964 in Watkins Glen, Schuyler, NY


1. Arthur H. Jackson, Jr.:
Birth: February 21, 1911
Death: May 24, 1985
Burial Place: Montour Falls Cemetery in Montour Falls, New York

2. Alice Emmaline Jackson:
Birth: January 19, 1917
Burial Place: Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York


Census: 1880 Middlesex, Yates, NY age 7 Census: 1900 Middlesex, Yates, NY age 24?; says birth month is August; teacher; sgl; living with parents
Census: 1920 Catharine, Schuyler, NY age 42
Census: 1930 Watkins Glen, Schuyler, NY age 52, physician in general practice

Dr. Arthur H. Jackson, Sr.

Dr. Arthur Husted Jackson (1874-1959) Biography

Dr. Arthur Husted Jackson, Sr. was born in Middlesex, New York in 1874 to Orange L. Jackson and Nancy E. Husted Jackson.

He graduated from Rushville High School and received a Bachelor of Arts degree at 18 years of age from Brockport State Teachers College. At the time he was considered too young to teach. However, he was offered a post as Latin instructor at Peru High School in Clinton County, New York. He taught for 4 years at Evans Academy at Peterboro and at Sunnyside Seminary in Westchester County when he decided upon entering the medical profession. Jackson was the first principal of Peterboro Union School at age 22 when it was opened in September 1896.

He received his medical degree from Syracuse University in 1904. During a two-year internship at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence he met his wife, Ethel Henry in 1903.

On his examination for the New York medical license, he placed fourth in a field of eighty.

Shortly after his internship he went to Odessa, New York to open an office.

He served on the Odessa Board of Education from 1906 to 1930 where he was president for many years.

When Dr. John M. Quirk died in 1936, Dr. Arthur H. Jackson purchased his home and set up his practice there.

Dr. Arthur H. Jackson was a Member of the Watkins Glen Board of Education, from the 1930-31 year and continuing until 1949-1950. He served as the Watkins Glen Board of Education President from 1937-38 through 1949-1950, the longest tenure in that position in the district’s history.

Dr. Jackson helped to organize the Schuyler Hospital in Montour Falls, New York.

He was a past president and life member of the Watkins-Montour Rotary Club and a past district deputy of the Odd Fellows.

He was a member of the Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce.

He was a Schuyler County coroner for many years.

Dr. Jackson was a member of the American, New York and Schuyler County Medical Association. For more than 20 years he served on the board of managers at Willard State Hospital.

He was Dean of the Schuyler Medical Society.

Dr. Arthur H. Jackson, Sr., practiced medicine in Schuyler County for more than 50 years starting in 1906 and assisted at the delivery of more than 4,000 babies.

Dr. Jackson’s practice spanned an era from when country doctors made their patient calls in a horse and buggy to the day of the changeover to the motor car and the day of the speeding ambulance.

Dr. Jackson passed away on August 14, 1959 and was laid to rest in Rushville, New York.

Dr. Jackson and his wife Ethel had one son and one daughter, Arthur Husted Jackson, Jr., Alice Jackson, two grandchildren, Arthur Husted Jackson III and Susan Jackson Mangefrida, two great grandchildren, Mark Edward Jackson and Philip Mangefrida, four great great grandchildren.  This is an incomplete listing as I still need to find out how many children Alice Jackson had.

Dr. Jackson residences:

Rushville, NY

Peterboro, NY

Long Island, NY

Westchester County, NY

Providence, RI

Odessa, NY

200 7th St, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

From left to right: Jessie Jackson, Arthur Jackson, Jr., Alice Jackson, Dr. Arthur Jackson, Sr. and Ethel Jackson.


I read — with great interest — “50 Years Ago” (August. 1959) in the Watkins Review & Express for August 19, 2009. In that column was information pertaining to the life and death of DR. ARTHUR H. JACKSON, a practicing doctor in Schuyler County from 1904 for the next 50 years. Born in Yates County, Dr. Jackson graduated from Brockport State Teacher’s College — at the young age of 18 — then enrolled in and graduated from Syracuse University with his medical degree in 1904. DR. JACKSON was a Member of the Board of Education, replacing LEON GROSJEAN for the 1930-31 year and continuing until 1949-1950 through the days of the 9-member Board — with the exception of 1936-37. He served as Board of Education President from 1937-38 through 1949-1950, the longest tenure in that position in our district’s history. The Board of Education returned to a seven-Member Board with the 1950-1951 year with DON WICKHAM as President.

Watkins Glen School Board from an unspecified year. Standing, from left: Harold Ely, clerk; Irving Goodrich, superintendent; Harry Sebring; John Hoare, and Warren Mertenstein, principal. Seated, from left: Leona Everts, Frank Cole, Dr. Jackson, Estelle Kerr, and John Bolton.

March 2, 1950 Chronicle-Express from Penn Yan, New York Article

Rushville Native Honored for Years of Service in Schuyler County Dr. Arthur H. Jackson, dean of the Schuyler County Medical association, was honored at the Founder’s Day dinner of the Watkins Glen Parent-Teacher association. Dr. Jackson was born on the Jackson farm one mile west of Rushville, the son of O. L. and Nancy Husted Jackson.  He graduated from Rushville Union school in 1890, from Brockport normal, and took his medical degree at Syracuse university. He has been a practicing physician for over 50 years. He is the donor of the annual Dr. Jackson prize at the Middlesex Valley central school for out- standing ability and sportsmanship.  The Watkins Glen physician was given tribute for his many years of service on boards of education at Odessa and at Watkins Glen.  Dr. Thomas J. Love, toastmaster and president of the Glen P-TA, in his opening remarks said: “We are gathered here to honor a man who has contributed so much to our school, our community and to the future of our children.”  Dr. George B. Hitchcock of Odessa reviewed the work of Dr. Jackson accomplished at Odessa and the leading role he played in bringing about a high school from a district school.  D. E. Fraboni of the Watkins Glen board of education paid high tribute to his contemporary on the board.  Warren E. Hertenstem, Watkins Glen High school principal, reviewed 10 years of a “fine relationship, of counsel, and of companionship.”  Toastmaster Dr. Love revealed at the gathering the P-TA would sponsor in Dr. Jackson’s honor the Dr. Jackson award. On a plaque each year would be awarded the Sportsmanship award to the high school student with the best record of all around sportsmanship, playing ability in competitive contests and in cooperation and respect for authority.  Each year a name will be inscribed on the Dr. Jackson award.  Dr. Jackson, when he arose to speak was given a tremendous ovation and everyone stood as they applauded.  Dr. Jackson, in his remarks of appreciation reviewed the time he went to Odessa where there were no electric lights, no paved streets, and a two-room school.  A house with a fence around it to keep out the stock from the school grounds.  “We had our troubles in advancing a two-room school to a high school,” he said.  He closed his remarks by quoting the Edgar Guest poem, “Down the Lane of Memory.” Guest speakers of the evening were Mrs. Norman S. Epstein, Ithaca board of education member and president of the Schuyler-Tompkins District P-TA the Rev Benedict Ehmann. St Mary’s of the Lake pastor gave the invocation. During the evening Mrs. Jackson was presented with a corsage.

Here are some newspaper items:
Courtesy of Donna D. Burdick (received December 9, 2020)

Smithfield Town Historian (which includes the hamlet of Peterboro, New York)

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., Sept. 10, 1896, 0756.pdf, www.fultonhistory.com

PETERBORO, Sept. 7 . . . Evans Academy and Peterboro Union School will open next Monday morning with Prof. Arthur H. Jackson as principal and Misses Lucy Johnson and Bridget Danehy as assistants.

Clarissa Miriam Brown Bliss Scrapbook of Peterboro News Columns, Peterboro Area Museum, Peterboro, NY, p. 45

Sept. 15, 1896 – Professor A. Jackson, of Yates County, arrived in town last Friday.  He has taken rooms at A. C. Hadden’s and will board there this season.  On Monday morning the newly former Union School opened in the Evans Academy building, Prof. Jackson as principal, Miss Lucy D. Johnson in charge of the intermediate department, and Miss B. Donahue [alternate spelled of Danehy] in charge of the primary.

Note:  In the 1900 Census, Arthur Jackson boarded with Fred Hamilton, who ran a hotel on Main St. in Peterboro.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., April 1, 1897, p. 2, c. 3, http://cazenovia.advantage-preservation.com

PETERBORO, March 29 . . . School has closed for vacation.  Prof. Jackson has gone to his home in Rushville.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., June 10, 1897, p. 2, c. 3, [same website as above]

PERRYVILLE, June 7–Rev. Walter S. Lyon, of Stockbridge, delivered a sermon to the I. O. O. F. in the M. E. church Sunday at 2:30 o’clock.  There were about one hundred members of the order present, who marched into the church in a body.  The church was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and also with the three links formed of evergreens.  A beautiful pillow made entirely of pansies having the links formed of white, blue and yellow pansies attracted much attention.  Among the visitors from out of town, we noticed school commissioner L. A. Parkhurst and John McMahon of Canastota, George Chapman of Clockville, Stephen Barber and Prof. Jackson of Peterboro, and several other prominent Odd Fellows.

Note:  Stephen Barber was the Superintendent of the Madison County Home for Destitute Children, which was located at Peterboro from 1871-1926.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., Oct. 14, 1897, p. 2, c. 4 [same as above website]

PETERBORO, Oct. 12 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, or Rushville, arrived in town Friday evening, called here by the serious illness of their son, A. H. Jackson.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., Oct. 21, 1897, 0934.pdf, www.fultonhistory.com

PETERBORO, Oct. 18–Prof. Wood has been engaged to take Prof. Jackson’s place in school.  The latter is improving.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., Oct. 28, 1897, p. 2, c. 5, http://cazenovia.advantage-preservation.com

PETERBORO, Oct. 25 . . . Prof. A. H. Jackson has so far recovered as to be able to enter the school.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., Apr. 7, 1898, p. 2, c. 3, [same website as above]

PETERBORO, April 4 . . . Prof. A. H. Jackson was absent from school all of last week, called away by the death of his sister.

Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia, NY, Thurs., July 26, 1900, p. 4, c. 3, [same website as above]

PETERBORO, July 25 . . . Prof. Kelly, a graduate of the Oneonta normal, has been engaged as principal of the union school. . . . A. H.  Jackson has secured a position as principal of a school on Long Island.

Arthur H. Jackson, Sr. seated 2nd from right with mustache. Photograph courtesy of the Smithfield Town Historian of Smithfield, New York.

Arthur H. Jackson, Sr. standing 3rd from right with mustache. Photograph courtesy of the Smithfield Town Historian of Smithfield, New York.

Arthur H. Jackson, Sr. seated 2nd from right with mustache. Photograph courtesy of the Smithfield Town Historian of Smithfield, New York.




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