James Jackson 1775-1881

Birth: May 6, 1775 in London, England

Death: September 14, 1811 in Navarino, Onondaga, NY

Burial Place: Jackson Cemetery NavarinoOnondaga CountyNew York

Occupation: Blacksmith/Farmer


Father: Thomas Jackson or William Jackson (???)

Mother: Mary (Thomas Jackson) (???)



Married: Ruth Ellison circa 1795.
Ruth Ellison: Birth: circa 1780 in Mohawk Valley region, NY. Death: February 26, 1862 in Orleans, NY


1. James Jackson: Birth: March 29, 1798 in Duanesburg, Schenectady, NY. Death: January 16, 1892 in Orleans, NY

2. William Jackson: Birth: October 21, 1799 in Duanesburg, Albany, NY. Death: October 31, 1890 in Holley, Orleans, NY

3. John Jackson: Birth: May 6, 1801 in Schoharie, NY. Death: September 28, 1880 in Navarino, Onondaga, New York

4. Benjamin Jackson: Birth: November 30, 1803 in Schoharie, NY. Death: February 7, 1897 in Medina, Orleans, NY

5. Amos Jackson: Birth: January 17, 1806 in NY. Death: March 3, 1893 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY

6. Clarinda Jackson: Birth: 1807 in Navarino, Onondaga, NY. Death: May 3, 1898 in Hinsdale, Cattaraugus, NY

7. Ruel Jackson: Birth: 1808. Death: June 14, 1847

Burial: Oldest tombstone in Bumble Bee Cemetery, Jackson Family Farm James and Ruth moved from Schoharie County to Onondaga County in 1806, settling in Halls Corners (now known as Navarino). His blacksmith shop was located on the south side of current-day-Route 20, in a peach orchard next to a tavern. James is listed on the tax rolls for Onondaga County in 1806. Also, John and James Jackson purchased land in Onondaga in 1807. This land is probably the land which became the blacksmith shop of James, on the south side of the State Road (Route 20).

Occupation: a blacksmith in Navarino

Collections of the Onondaga Historical Association: Post-Standard, Sunday, May 4, 1934; ‘The oldest grave in this cemetery (Bumblebee Cemetery) is that of John Jackson’s father, Navarino blacksmith, who died in 1811. John was first buried on his Halls Corners property and later taken to the Jackson Farm Cemetery.

1. Jackson Cemetery
2. James Ceylon Jackson
A. Jackson Family History contributed by Jodell McVey
B. My Memories of Oak Hill, 1976
3. Lynn Crowder
4. Stephen B. Yim

Census: 1810 , Onondaga, NY page 9 – 5 males (John, James, William, Benjamin and Amos), 2 females under 10 (Clarinda and 1 more)

The 1865 census data for Ridgeway, Orleans, NY list the son of James Jackson, James Jackson born 1798 was living with his son, Frank. In these data James 1798 indicates his father James 1775 was born in England, his mother in NJ. The death certificate for James 1798 indicates his mother’s name was Mary West. In the 1880 census 6 children are still living. James, William, Benjamin, John and Clarinda (Wiley) all state their father was born in England – only Amos says New York. Tax Roles, Town of Onondaga, Onondaga County, NY 1806 James Jackson, house and land worth $166 Land Purchase Book, L, page 480, November 2, 1807 seller Walter Patchin and wife Sarah; buyer John and James Jackson of Onondaga, Onondaga, NY for $250; part of Lot 198 in late Onondaga Reservation; south of state road (located in southeast corner of the township of Navarino). This land was sold by John Jackson in Deed Book L, pp 480-482 to Calvin Wood (Deed book L, pp 504-505. James was deceased at this time.

The identity of the John Jackson in the two land transactions is not known. Interestingly, in the purchase of the land in 1807 James and John are listed as being from Navarino. In the sale of the land in 1811 the location of John is not given. Rather, testimony is given by a witness as to the identity of John Jackson.

Died without will; letters of administration 1811 lists Ruth Jackson and Amasa Chapman as administrators.



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