James Jackson, Jr. 1798-1892

Birth: March 29, 1798 in Duanesburg, Schenectady, NY

Death: January 16, 1892 in Orleans, NY

Burial Place: Boxwood Cemetery, Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

Occupation: Farmer


Father: James Jackson: Birth: May 6, 1775 in London, England. Death: September 14, 1811 in Navarino, Onondaga, NY

Mother: Ruth Ellison: Birth: circa 1780 in Mohawk Valley region, NY. Death: February 26, 1862 in Orleans, NY



Married: Marie Marlett on February 21, 1819 at Onondaga, NY.
Marie Marlett: Birth: November 15, 1797 in Montgomery, NY. Death: December 13, 1870 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY


1. Betsey Jackson: Birth: 1820 in NY. Death: May 23, 1854 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

2. John Jackson: Birth: July 19, 1821 in Onondaga, NY. Death: February 14, 1893 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

3. Charles Jackson: Birth: 1823. Death: 1910

4. James Jackson, Jr.: Birth: 1825 Death: 1891

5. Spencer Jackson: Birth: 1827 in Orleans, NY. Death: 1898

6. Catherine Jackson: Birth: January 1830 in Orleans, NY. Death: 1901

7. Wesley Jackson: Birth: 1833 in Orleans, NY. Death: 1886

8. Maria B. Jackson: Birth: December 1835 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY. Death: 1912

8. Francis A. Jackson: Birth: January 18, 1837 in Orleans, NY. Death: September 18, 1918 in Medina, Orleans, NY

10. Julia E. Jackson: Birth: July 1, 1841 in Ridgeway, Orleans, NY. Death: July 17, 1908

11. Joyce Jackson (???)

Burial: Boxwood Cemetery, Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

Census: 1855 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 57, born Albany Co, NY
Census: 1865 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 67 farmer born Albany Co, NY
Census: 1870 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 72 retired farmer Line 29, dwelling 502
Census: 1880 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 82 farmer
Living with son and daughter-in-law, Frank and Carolyn. The census data for 1865 indicate the father of James 1798 was born in England, his mother in NJ. James indicates his place of birth as Albany County, corroborated by his death certificate; his brother, John, says he was born in Schoharie County; his brother, Benjamin, says he was born in Schoharie County and brother, William, says he was born in Schenectady County – all in the 1865 census. All three counties adjoin one another. The place of birth is important when attempting to place the ancestors of Jackson, born in 1775. Obituary, Marcellus Observer, September 30, 1880 and October 14, 1880 -of James Jackson, born England 1775.
Contributed by Jodell McVey.
James was the first of three brothers to move to Ridgeway, Orleans, NY, in 1823. ? followed in 1825.
Census: 1830 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY 4 males 10 or under, 1 f under 5, 1 f 10-15; James 30-40, wife 30-40
Census: 1850 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 52 farmer, dwelling 550
Census: 1855 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY age 57 farmer, b Albany County

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History of Orleans County, page 350:
James Jackson, eldest son of James Jackson, was born in Duanesburg, NY March 29, 1798. He married Maria Marlett, February 21, 1819, He settled on part of lot 20, township 15, range 4, in Ridgeway in February 1823 where he has resided since. He has been a successful farmer, overcoming by sturdy industry the obstacles of sickness, hardship and the privations of a new country by which he has been beset. He has had ten children, nine of whom survived. His wife died November 13th, 1870.
Death Certificate # 4097, Ridgeway, Orleans, NY; State of New York
Died January 16, 1892, Ridgeway, NY age 93 years, 9 months, 3 days
Occupation, farmer
Birthplace, Duanesburg, New York
Father, James Jackson, born London, England
Mother, Mary West, born London, England; seems to indicate his father James was married in England prior to coming to the United States.
Burial, Boxwood Cemetery
69 years at Ridgeway, Orleans, NY
Report by Frank Jackson, Medina, Orleans, NY



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