Ruel Jackson 1808-1847

Birth: 1808

Death: June 14, 1847

Burial Place: Jackson Cemetery Navarino, Onondaga County, New York



Father: James Jackson: Birth: May 6, 1775 in London, England. Death: September 14, 1811 in Navarino, Onondaga, NY

Mother: Ruth Ellison: Birth: circa 1780 in Mohawk Valley region, NY. Death: February 26, 1862 in Orleans, NY



Married: Lodusky H. Miller on January 1, 1832.
Lodusky H. Miller: Birth: March 2, 1812 in Gibson, Susquehanna, PA. Death: October 31, 1888


1. Mary Elizabeth Jackson

2. Charlotte Maria Jackson


Burial: Jackson Family Cemetery, Marcellus, NY Census: 1840 Marcellus, Onondaga, NY, ‘Ruel.’; only male; females: under 5, 1, 5-10, 1, 20-30, 1. Note: four John Jackson, b 1801, is 4 names above, also in Marcellus.

The two minor females are probably Mary and Charlotte.

Died without will; letters of administration give wife’s name as Lodusky (Miller). Onondaga County Letters of Administration, Book HH, p 194. Lodusky Jackson of Marcellus petitioned for Letters of Administration for the estate of Ruel Jackson on January 1847; Ruel died January 13, 1847. His children were Mary Elizabeth and Charlotte Maria, both minors.

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